Have YOU ever felt lost and alone in the City? Directionless? Alone and very afraid sometimes, right when you really need to have people around you? Have you ever looked at the people that do surround you and wished that you could do something to help them? Watch the incredible genius of Steve Cutts below…

The Paul Project is a registered Non-Profit Organisation that is dedicated to following in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, and bringing HOPE to the lost and lonely, the battered and the broken, in any way it can.

Have YOU ever had to go without food? Shelter? Clothing?

I have…

I don’t mean just being short of food…I mean having no food at all. Or having to wear clothing that has best been described as fit for the rubbish bin.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that there are many people that are so far from God that the only possible way they can be introduced to Him is through a slice of bread and a cup of water.

Those wise words have become our mantra, because they are true. We are not interested in Bible-bashing anyone, although we are passionate believers in Jesus, Who is the Christ, born to die that men (and women) such as you and I might live. 

Instead, we prefer to take Dr. Gandhi’s approach, and feed people, or clothe them before telling them about their Saviour.

There are many spin-offs that come from using this approach.

When people have enough food, water, warmth and rest, their dignity is handed back to them. That’s according to Maslow and his hierarchy of needs (1943). As I can personally testify, it is only when the lower needs of the hierarchy are satisfied that people can even begin attending to needs higher up.

The only way we can immediately help the broken and destitute people of the city, and help them we should, is with food and clothing. Housing, rest and warmth is not something that many of us (although some of us can) can really do anything about at the moment – unless of course we should decide (heaven forbid!) to actually work together as responsible citizens of Port Elizabeth!

Perhaps if we dropped our fears and prejudices we could actually get to a place where all of our children, black, coloured, and white can all live and work together in the generation to come and build South Africa into a genuine rainbow nation – something that the world could indeed envy!

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Very soon the world is going to be rocked by one all-encompassing world religion. The powers that be that are slowly putting this together, are operating all around us. We feel them and deal with them every day (Ephesians 6:12). The religion will be known as ‘InterFaith’ or something similar. The Pope is advocating for it’s introduction to the world – and to a worldly church involved in secularism  it would seem to make perfect sense, particularly with all of the rage being ‘tolerance’. In an InterFaith church there would be every kind of faith, every kind of belief and sexual deviancy allowed. Somehow the words of complete acceptance and tolerance would be preached. That is, tolerance and acceptance by Man, but NOT by God

It is utterly astonishing how we do not learn from our past mistakes. Back in the 1500’s something similar was happening when Christianity was split into two factions – the Protestants and the Catholics. This split happened at a time when the entire world [as it was known then], was permeated and stabilized by one all encompassing religion – Catholicism, because that world was colliding with the new ideas of the Renaissance. Today, we have the church as it is collding with the ideas of Intermingled Faiths… One church with ‘Christians’, accepting that Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Johovahs Witnesses, Wicca, Satanism and every other ‘ism’ you can think of, all ‘worshiping’ in one building, supposedly all worshiping the same god…

What utter insanity! How can that even begin to make sense to any person claiming to be a Christian?

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Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


ANY project that is intended to really make a difference in peoples lives, simply cannot be a half-hearted attempt. Please DO NOT get me wrong here, I am NOT saying that all the incredible work that is already being done in the City of Port Elizabeth is a half-hearted attempt! It is ANYTHING BUT THAT. I know several wonderful people who are engaged in Christian Ministry work and they are doing a stunning job – so please don’t get me wrong here! But 100% of these people who do the stunning work of feeding and clothing the City’s poor and destitute, of taking prostitutes off the streets, of cleaning up and rehabilitating drug addicts…all of them to a one would tell you the same thing I am telling you now – they would all be more effective if they could work together, hand in hand, with each other…

There are a few pointers that will surely make a difference to the City Team of Care Workers.

  1) Share a common goal – have a common vision to work towards, such as a city that no longer experiences mass hunger; 
  2) Work as a team – sharing information between each other;
  3) In a team setting there have to be elements of trust and co-operation, there is no room for greed or singularly focused individuals;
  4) Where theology and doctrine are involved, share commonality;
  5) Although each ministry is entirely responsible for its own actions, including raising its own finances, would it not be possible to share a degree of                          responsibility in assisting each other with funding?
  6) Remembering at ALL TIMES that we are not doing this for ourselves, but for something far greater than we could think or imagine – the betterment of future        generations.

Sadly though, for the majority of us, when we engage in community work for the benefit of others, we tend to lie to ourselves when we tell ourselves that we are doing this for other people. If we are brutally and totally disruptively honest with ourselves, if we are honest the same way that Jesus is honest, we will be forced to admit that for a great part of the way – quite acceptably NOT the entire way – we are in this for ourselves. You can get angry with me, you can send me hate mail (as if I don’t get enough already!), but at some point in your life you are going to be forced to face yourself and the question on your own lips to yourself will be, “Did I really do this for Jesus, or did I do it for myself?”

How can YOU get involved?




Irrespective of ethnicity, age or gender, we will be giving people HOPE through generous distribution of food and clothing.

It is utterly astonishing what can be achieved when a community comes together as a family…



Collecting all sorts of stuff that people have in their spare bedrooms, attics, basements and garages… Cleaning up what needs to be cleaned up and having serviced whatever needs to be serviced, and redistributing this stuff to people who genuinely want to create jobs for themselves or employment opportunities for others within their communities…

This will be known as Operation Robin Hood, for obvious reasons…




Uniting with hopefully hundreds of men from dozens of different churches in the City and spending our Sundays (not every Sunday) making and baking bricks. These bricks will then be available free to anyone who wants to build a church or a school, or any other structure that is intended for the good of the community. They will not be freely available for someone who wants to build a house for themselves.




Here you see the hands of a coloured person and a white person, working together side by side as they wash the feet of a black person. Taken by Adele Liebich at The Matthew Lunch in 2014, this is a photograph that catches a poignant moment in time – unscripted and perfectly natural. Oh that this was the real world instead of a single event at an outreach to the City and not naturally common place at all…

Would YOU like to get involved?