I have noticed how pastors, preachers and teachers so often preach really brilliant messages, messages that really lift your spirit.

They preach wonderful messages with all sorts of wonderful, uplifting encouraging, even strengthening words and you feel really great when you leave the church. You even discuss that days sermon with your family over lunch and even in your home cell that week. But there is a huge difference, a yawning crevice of difference between understanding the words that come from a preachers mouth, or the words you read off the printed pages of the Bible, and getting that understanding deep into your heart so that you can live it out and walk the talk, rather than just talking the talk, as so many Christians do today.

I believe that this is a part of the reason why so many of us don’t see the abundant life that Jesus came to give us. To wit, a friend of mine recently had to have some very serious surgery. She was terrified and it took every one of her friends, myself included, to convince her to return to the hospital where she underwent the surgery she needed. She asked someone on WhatsApp for an encouraging scripture and was given Proverbs 3:5-6… “Lean not on your own understanding etc.”  Someone else messaged her and suggested that she break the proverb down bit by bit and ask the Holy Spirit to give her understanding but she got offended and responded with “I do understand it”. Yet she was still scared and unsure of her situation. This is of course an extreme situation, and I’m sure most of us would be seriously apprehensive of our situation if we were in her shoes, but my point is this - after many years of attending a church, she did not know the difference between the Logos Word, or understanding with her brain (the Words on the page) and the Rhema Word, or understanding with her heart  (the effect of the Words on the page taken to heart and lived out…)

I believe if my friend had had opportunity in the church she attends to be taught exactly what that Proverb really means and all that goes with understanding it in context, she wouldn’t have been offended, or even concerned regarding the surgery.

It’s not her fault. The fault lies at the feet of the preachers who try to cover too much ground in their allotted time slots on Sundays and seem rather to keep their congregations entertained instead of informed.

For a long while I have been studying God’s Words in the Bible and I have found that the entire book, from Genesis to the Revelation is written about our lives today. Is Jesus pertinent to our lives today? Of course He is!

A few months ago as I was walking out of my front gate the LORD spoke to me in His usually delightful cryptic manner, and short and sweet… He simply said, “You’ve been called to writing…”

This is my first serious effort at writing the first of a set of 12 books the LORD has placed on my heart to write…

How the title of the series came about is quite a testimony. Allow me to share it with you please…

Several years ago I was in need of some counselling from someone older than myself and so, with a younger friend went to see a wonderful man by the name of Andrew. Andrew is a fascinating man, blind in one eye, who accomplishes the most amazing things - the last time I saw him he was rebuilding an old hand-made Morgan sports car (if you’re not sure what that is, go to Google). Andrew has style that a lot of people half of his age do not have. Anyway, a few weeks after I’d seen him he popped over to my flat and gave me a book to read, saying that it would help me. And help me it did! It was written by the late Brennan Manning, and it was called “Abba’s Child : The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging”. It hit me so hard, seeming as though it was my inner me talking to my outer me who was trying to get in touch with the inner me, all at the same time. It is one of the few books that has brought tears to my eyes because the author has “known” me so well. I immediately started writing all over it as Brennan Manning brought facts of my life and laid them before me. Eventually I coined phrase for  it. Whenever I would tell people about this book, or talk about it on radio, I would say that it was a book that had hit me like a ball from a “Love Encrusted Baseball Bat”.

Well one Sunday I walked into our church and nearly fell to the floor when it came time to worship, because our spiritual artist who creates the most magnificent paintings and other works of art when she is under the influence of Holy Spirit had painted just that - a baseball slugger smashing a baseball through a wooden fence, and leaving behind the shape of a heart. The ball had been smashed through that fence by a “Love Encrusted Baseball Bat”.

It was all the confirmation I needed to start writing this series of books. Brennan Mannings book has hit me so hard that I started looking for the REAL MEANING behind all the hype of Christianity. In other words - will the REAL Christ Jesus please stand up? And, true to His Word in Deuteronomy 4:29 and Jeremiah 29:13, along with several other places, when I sought Him, I found Him...

All it took from God’s side was for Him to organise for me to see Andrew. Because God knew Andrew personally, and knew his caring and loving heart, God knew that Andrew would give me that book. After that all the Lord had to do was just sit back in heaven and wait for the seeds He had planted to grow... I am just so very sorry it took me so long to get started...

And when I started wavering He used Evie to give me a reminder, a confirmation of the way I was thinking... and His Word grew to maturity and returned to Him, not void, but with fruit...

By the way, if it strikes you as rather strange that my name is not on the front cover of the book as it’s author this is because the LORD spoke to me recently and told me that the books He had me writing are not about me...they are about YOU and all the people I write them for.

For copyright reasons, my name does appear once at the bottom of page 1 and perhaps once or twice more in the text where I have referred to myself. That’s all.


It is absolutely wonderful to know that the God we serve puts planets and solar systems in place and counts the stars by name - there is no denying that, but it is far more wonderful to me to be able to actually see and feel Him helping me to understand how He walks with me and protects me from myself and my unholy ways. It is more important for me to completely understand His love for me than to know that He is the Alpha and the Omega. Because that way He becomes REAL to me in ways that fancy words and eloquent speech can never hope to prove…


Please feel free to download the free sample of the book ad ‘test read’ it if you like LOL!!!


A short time ago I received a WhatsApp message from a fellow believer with the words “Good Morning! Have a Happy Wednesday”. The image was of lovely red roses - and right smack bang in the middle of each rose was an image of Ganesha, an Indian Hindu god of some kind. THIS from a Christian??? I’m afraid that even though we are under grace, ignorance is still no excuse. Read Leviticus 4:27 and Luke 12:48 if you don’t believe me...


If you’d like to buy a copy of the book from me, the price is just R250 (introductory price) and I will mail it to you the moment I receive your money. Please contact me by e-mail and I will respond with an invoice for you within the business day.

For those of us that are more into the modern technology of the day, a .pdf version of the book - in full colour (which obviously the print version is not - it would be horrendously expensive to do it that way) is available. If you are interested, as soon as your funds reflect in my bank account, you will be mailed a link to download the e-book.


If you work somewhere with  a lot of people, or are in a situation where you would like to make a few extra bucks, you are welcome to sell the books on my behalf on a commission basis. This will apply to all of my books - there are another eleven titles coming behind this first one…

Effectively this means that you become an agent for me and earn R50.00 for yourself on every book you sell - I’m talking of course of selling to people at the retail price of R250.00 per book. That is actually more than my agent in Cape Town earns per sale - but then she handles a whole heck of a lot of different books from different authors… basically you buy 10 books from me at R200 each (R2000) anf you resell them for R2500, making yourself R500 per consignment of 10 books. You sell 20 books and it’s a thousand that you make yourself and so on…

This is ideal if you are a church ministry or an outreach of some kind that deals in books…think about it…pray about it and contact me if you are interested. What does the LORD say to you about it?

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