The Paul Project is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation, No.138-177 NPO, registered on the 18th of June 2014.

The NPO is also a Public Benefit Organisation, No. 930047761. It is registered in accordance with section 18A(1)[a] of the Act whereupon it states that donations to the organisation will be tax-deductible for the donors.  


…working together with those of mutual heart to accomplish the task at hand.

Clarity on ICEJ in South Africa

Dear ICEJ Members in South Africa,

As you are aware from previous correspondence, the non-profit company ICEJ SA that used to represent the ICEJ in South Africa for the last 16 years was taken over by Ray Sangqu and his wife (two additional board members were subsequently appointed). Unfortunately, the company is registered in South Africa using our name and all attempts to request them to change the name have fallen on deaf ears.

A recent court action taken by Conrad le Roux (who served on the ICEJ SA board previously) was dismissed on the basis that Conrad was no longer a board member of ICEJ SA and accordingly didn’t have the necessary standing (locus standi) to bring the application. Conrad had raised issues in the court action relating to the misuse of the ICEJ name, mismanagement of allocated funds and the change of the purposes of the company from its original mandate of being a branch of the ICEJ – while all of these are still valid concerns, the judge could not rule on this due to the issue of “locus standi”.

Other than one Aliya donation, ICEJ SA has not forwarded any funds to ICEJ in Israel since Oct 2016 and has not provided any transparency or financial accountability for funds received since then (completed audited financials are outstanding on the financial periods since January 2016). Accordingly, ICEJ took the decision to notify ICEJ SA (Ray Sangqu) in Oct 2017 that they no longer represented the ICEJ.

Unfortunately, Ray Sangqu continues to send out emails from “ICEJ SA board” and also still uses our ICEJ logo. This continues to confuse some ICEJ members who are still receiving his mails (the most recent one being “Exciting News from ICEJSA”); if you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you unsubscribe from these emails. Please note: No money deposited into the ICEJ SA ABSA bank account will reach ICEJ in Israel.

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The good news is that ICEJ is the founding member of Friends of the Embassy in Jerusalem (199-029 NPO) and the NPO’s constitution ensures that the ICEJ is protected against a similar director takeover or any misuse of funds. The organisation is the official branch office of the ICEJ in South Africa and the National Director, Vivienne Myburgh, has been sending out information under the banner of ICEJ, using our ICEJ logo, as the legitimate ICEJ South African Representative.

A FNB bank account was opened for the purpose of receiving donor funds to support the work of ICEJ. They have effectively transferred over R 200,000 to ICEJ in Israel, over the few months of their existence. This would not have been possible without you, our valued members in South Africa, and we wish to thank you for your continued support of ICEJ through this new organisation.  For further information, you can make contact with Co Griffioen who is assisting in the office again at

We are expectant of an exciting Feast in September this year and invite you to join with the thousands of other Christians who will be coming up to Jerusalem in this significant 70th celebration year. Vivienne and her husband, Marc, will be bringing a tour to the Feast.

Many of you will remember the “Taste of Tabernacles” meetings that were previously hosted by ICEJ in South Africa – the exciting news is that it will happen again this year and I am looking forward to being there personally to enjoy the celebration with you.


Dr Jürgen Bühler, ICEJ President               Dr Mojmir Kallus, VP Intn Affairs