The purpose of this posting is purely to keep you up to date with what is going on with regard to Operation Robin Hood if you have subscribed to me. I’d like to share testimonies both from people who have given as well as from people who have received. This is a very selfish request because the whole intention behind it is to convince you to get involved and become a Robin Hood in your area and join me in spreading the LOVE of Jesus Christ into the battle hardened areas of the city.

One area I would dearly love to win over with the Love of Christ is Helenvale, or Katanga as it is more commonly known. In fact, I’ve already got someone identifying various ‘safe’ places that we can begin to distribute food and clothing from.

If you can. please get a copy of the movie “The Cross and the Switchblade”. It was made about 50 years ago and starred Pat Boone but the story, a true story, still makes you stop and think about the incredible things God can do if He can just get a few good men to be His Hands and His Feet here on earth…

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