On this page there are over 200 posters (for the moment – but I’m working towards a collection of 1000) that you can download and have printed as often as you like at your local photocopy and or print shop.

These posters are ideal for the office, if you would like to make a point to someone – your boss perhaps? – without actually saying anything. They come in different themes such as The Scriptures, Artistic, Graphic, Prayers, Words of Famous Preachers, Words of Jesus and so on.

You can download them here at a cost of just R50 each – and of course that image remains yours forever. The printing and laminating, or encapsulation, will cost you about another R30 or so, so for around R80 you have a poster that SHOUTS A POWERFUL MESSAGE, and is waterproof…. of course if you print and laminate 2 of the same posters, they will cost you only R55 each… 3 of the same posters will cost you R47, whilst 4 will cost you R43 and 5 of them would cost you just R40 each…


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