THE PAUL PROJECT is still a brand new ministry that has gone through various stages of development, starting with a vision that I was given many years ago, around the year 2000 whilst I was still living up in Zimbabwe. In this vision I saw thousands and thousands of people rushing across a bridge like structure into the security of a large walled… ‘something’. I could see that the wall was definitely a man made edifice, because the blocks that made it up were very visual and initially I was very, very close – too close to see above the edifice. I say this to differentiate between a man-made structure and a cliff wall, or a cave.

The vista in the vision drew back and I was able to see much more of what was going on. As I watched from my vantage point in the vision, which happened in a small home church leaders lounge, I noticed that the people themselves had no colour – there were no ‘black’ people, or ‘white’ people, or ‘yellow’ people or ‘brown’ people – all of the people were one colour, but to this day I cannot tell you what that colour was. Where all of the colour DID come from however, was from the garments they were wearing – garments of praise, gowns of worship etc. (It is important to remember that for God, clothing carries much important symbolic meaning). These garments were so beautiful, the illustration of the Indian lady  below does painfully little to credit them, but more to simply try to give you an idea of what I saw. And the colours! Oh LORD they were something to see – colours that mankind doesn’t even know exist!

Added to the incredible colours of the clothing the people were wearing were their crowns of glory (as I was later informed). To me in the vision it just seemed that everyone’s head was shining, as though they were all wearing something highly reflective, or perhaps each one had an electric lamp on his or her head…LOL!!! I was very young and stupid in the LORD at the time…

I’ve shamelessly borrowed a few images from child prodigy Akaine Kramarik‘s collection of utterly incredible paintings, whose use of colour in her images of heaven is legendary, from Google Images, in a very poor attempt to try to convey to you the incredible beauty of what I saw… No man or woman alive could possibly describe the beauty of heaven. Whilst I don’t believe the vision centred around heaven, it certainly centred around the heavenly presence of God and His Love for us…

And His Loving Patience… which is beginning to run out…

In this vision I saw a huge wall and in this wall I saw a gate. In the gate was a portcullis, [those HUGE BIG black gates that are common to medieval castles] and this portcullis was slowly descending towards the ground. Thousands of people were rushing across this bridge like structure into the safety of the castle like structure. The part that impacted me the most as I stood in that lounge watching all of this play out in front of me as though it were a hologram was that the portcullis represented TIME, and the fact that this huge gate was descending to the ground showed me that TIME WAS RUNNING OUT – as indeed it is!


Later, in an amazing move of the LORD, I received a DVD from JOY! Magazine called ‘Messianic Jews…why should I care?’ And from it comes the still image below. I grabbed this image from that DVD in a very poor attempt to try to illustrate to you what I saw…

Although not quite the view afforded me in the vision, I know that I know that I know that this is the gate I saw… The vision was really all about gathering people of all races, cultures and backgrounds into the safety of Jesus Christ… Who will rule this world in the eternity to come and Whose seat of Government will be Jerusalem. (Why do you think all the fighting is going on between Israel and the world? The evil one cannot possibly allow Jesus to rule from His designated seat, so he is doing everything he can to prevent that from happening. When will he get it into his head that it is a useless struggle?)

You can watch the video for yourself on YouTube here –

Many years later, now down in Port Elizabeth in South Africa, I was seated at my desk in my study when all of a sudden I was very aware of an Angel of the LORD standing behind me, and telepathically aware of the words, “This is what I want you to do”.

Without even giving it any thought, I immediately began working on a PowerPoint Presentation showing the City of Port Elizabeth as a city where the divorce rate was almost at zero, the crime rate the same. A city where women could walk in absolute safety and children the same. A city completely at peace with itself.

You can watch my feeble attempt here –

And the ONLY way to achieve this is through Jesus Christ. There is NO WAY that man could develop to that level of love for his fellow man by himself. Mankind has gone too far – we are too near to and too focused on our own destruction.

The ONLY hope for us now is in Jesus Christ – and a united church working side by side with the same mandate in mind – to reach out to the lost before it is too late – before that portcullis has fallen and locked itself into the ground – before TIME HAS RUN OUT COMPLETELY.

I am so certain that this is a vision from PRECIOUS FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that I have dedicated the rest of my life to making the Paul Project a reality for the people of Port Elizabeth and prayerfully, in time, long after I have been granted eternal rest in the Arms of my Saviour, if LORD Jesus has not yet returned by then, the rest of South Africa.

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