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The Paul Project is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation, No.138-177 NPO, registered on the 18th of June 2014.

The NPO is also a Public Benefit Organisation, No. 930047761. It is registered in accordance with section 18A(1)[a] of the Act whereupon it states that donations to the organisation will be tax-deductible for the donors.  


…working together with those of mutual heart to accomplish the task at hand.

The Un-broken Broken are a group of badly broken people, child rape victims, abused wives, divorced men and women and others who meet at an address near Walmer Park Shopping Centre in Port Elizabeth once a fortnight to work together in helping each other recover and heal, and in so doing so form life long friendships.

The group is the direct result of Graham’s radio presentation on Sunday evening on PEFM 87.6.

We receive very good teachings from a number of world famous pastors, authors and evangelists via the modern technology of YouTube and of course, DVD’s.

Graham leads the group and shares from his own pain-filled life. And in so doing, along with everybody else, assists each beloved member of the group to heal from past pain and grow in Christ.

The group had not been gathering but a month (2 fortnights) when we saw our first deliverance with a well known class of demon, Legion, being cast out of one of the ladies. But demons are phenomenal liars so we don’t really know who it was, but we do know this - it was sent to hell.

A little autistic girl, aged just 4, was prayed over and her tongue loosed.

The groups mission statement is loosely based on that of Robert Morris’ Gateway Church in Texas and reads:

To see every member saved from destruction, healed of human emotional and abuse pain, see free from bondages in the Courts of Heaven, discipled at Jesus’ feet, equipped to handle the lies and whatever else the evil one may accuse them of, empowered to help others and serving in the community.

The Un-broken Broken group focuses on helping people to heal from past hurts, but also straightens out bad church experiences and works with each person as though they were the only member of the group.

The interesting things here s that group members actually heal themselves by helping others to heal. No subject is taboo and everyone is encouraged to be deprecatingly and disruptively honest about themselves, thus showing their vulnerabilities to the group. Hence the need for privacy and a certain amount of secrecy, as in “what happens at the address stays at the address” type thing. No one talks about anything that is discussed at the group - not even to family members because of the extreme sensitivity of much that is discussed.

When people are this open about themselves in front of strangers, amazing things begin to happen. Jesus told us in the Bible (James 5:14-16) that we were to confess our sins one to another. And that is just what we do.

Plans for the group are to be self supporting from members tithes and free will offerings, some of the members have their own small businesses and give to the group from their profits and commissions… so please support us in ny way you can.

It has been prophesied that these groups will develop and spring up all over the country, and may even become small house churches will appointed anointed leaders as we start the final countdown towards the LORD’s GLORIOUS RETURN…

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